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Panthers have always been an underrated and important Marvel character, as the Panther Greatest Adventure list shows. As one of the first and most famous black superheroes of all time, the best panther comics are not only readable, they also have some serious cultural implications. The Panther story tends to explore important social issues that combine action and adventure with political intrigue and social issues. King T'Challa is at his best when his cartoons allow readers to think and entertain them.

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Panthers debuted in July 1966, created by Stan Lee and godfather Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics. T'Challa first appeared in Fantastic Four # 52, but since then he has been with the Avengers Alliance as well as with Marvel's first clan. Almost as important as the invention of the Panthers was the invention of his homeland, a fictional state of Wakada, which remains one of the longest descriptions of an African nation and appears forever in a comic.

Continuing with Pastor Christopher's early Panther Arcs, the story brought T'Challa to Tony Stark's clash with the two most powerful men in the Marvel universe facing them. Panthers and Iron Man fit together perfectly in many ways, and Wolverine is also involved in their quarrel, making things more interesting.

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Marvel film universe fans were introduced to the Panthers in the Civil War civil war, but early next year, he himself will be the focus of the film. The actual details of the Black Panther are scarce, but executive producer Nate Moore recently spoke about the film's position on the MCU's timeline and how it has advanced T'Challa's story. According to Moore, ...

Captain America: The Civil War Post-Credit Scenario gave us a brief overview of T'Challa's hometown of Wakanda, an African nation. He brought winter warriors and hoped that the country's advanced technology could help improve his programming. Now that T'Challa is back home and his father is dead, he will focus his attention on assuming the role of state leader, even though Nate Moore uses the term "potential" in his comments on Complex, it's far from it removed the conclusion that T'Challa will be the next king.

According to this comment, T'Challa may not automatically follow in his father's footsteps because this person may not feel ready for himself. This is an item we have not heard much about lately. Although we know there may be other actors who want to use T'Chaka's death for their own political gain, T'Challa is not ready to experience that moment. In the Captain of the United States: During the Civil War, he did not hesitate to put on the Black Panther's armor and avenge his father, he seemed ready to take on the King's role, but perhaps it was not.

Interestingly, Wakanda struggled to see how many panthers were conceived as political history, in various positions to take over the land, rather than a private tale of T'Challa, which dealt with his fears over what he had expected argued much earlier.

Of course, we look forward to publishing Panther next year. Until then we have to stay busy with an extra pair of MCU movies. Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released next month while Thor: Ragnarok will debut in November.

Chadwick's boss tried to hold his breath after being selected as a Panther. When he first tried the spandex suit 2016 for "Captain America: Civil War," he felt too tied up. "It's breathtaking," recalls Bosman. "Literally, it closed all the possibilities of the air you reach, and I wore a mask inside, and I said, 'Hey, you have to get me out of here!'" When he first took his movie A superhero on a black one List, whose name was on posters, was more comfortable in his redesigned costume. The 41-year-old actor said, "I think it feels like skin after a while." But coming to this place takes time.

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The same is true of Disney's long-awaited Panthers, which were screened in the cinema on February 16th. For decades, actors, directors, producers and fans have wondered why Hollywood brought the black superhero so slowly to the screen. That's not to say that I did not try. Prior to working with Chris O'Donnell in the 1990s, Warner Bros. attacked Malone Waynes to portray Robin in a "Batman" movie. Wesley Snipes starred in the vampire superhero album Blade, which spawned two sequels. In 2004, Halle Berry was censured by critics and tankers at the box office with the title "Catwoman." Twelve years later, Will Smith starred in "Black Man," a collaboration star who appeared in the "Suicide Squad" as assassin Deadshot.

through the movie "Black Panther" movie doubles as a movement, or at least for a time last year out of control "Wonder Woman" inspired millions of women the same passion. "Black Panther" is the first time a major studio in collaboration with the African-American black actor and director to shoot a black superhero films, including Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright served as Prime Minister of the fictitious African country Vakanta Shuli.

The reality of this milestone was not lost to Coach, the 31-year-old director of the Sundance Baby "Fruitvale Station" and "Rocky" sequel "Creed." "I think progress comes from recession and mobility," Coogler said. , "I hope things stay open. As more and more content is made out, as we have the ability to bring people. But when it comes to this issue, you need to take immediate action, otherwise things will return to the original place. "

Panthers traces the origins of the comic book debut in 1966. On the big screen, he was a soldier named T'Challa, who returned to become a king of the African Future States. The release of this film coincides with the crossing of the United States. The racial tensions intensified as the president continued to condemn immigrants from non-white countries. Panthers is also a Film Academy failure to nominate a color actor for #OscarsSoWhite for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016).

"Panthers" release is expected to be much higher than the last time Batman and Thor playtime. In May 2016, the # BlackPantherSoLIT tag appeared on Twitter because of the detailed cast details in the movie. "Panthers", ready to break the box office record in February, is a typically quiet time as the audience gathers a romantic comedy on Valentine's Day. Marvel's latest crown jewelry is said to have reached $ 150 million on the opening weekend. With nearly $ 200 million in operating costs and around $ 150 million in sales, Black Panther sends a clear message to the film industry that some communities still do not have access to a wide range of services. According to a survey by the Motion Picture Association of America, although domestic sales of tickets have declined sharply over the past year, the number of African-American films in 2016 has nearly doubled to 5.6 million. America.

Chadwick Boseman filmed Art Stribers Variety on January 26, 2018 in Los Angeles, California Credit: Artwork is suitable for diversification Some people are watching. "The portrayal is important," said Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, which owns Marvel. "Let people know that they are seen and see how they reflected in our film and we say the story is a powerful and important thing." Horn believes "Black Panther" is part of the wave of change. "In terms of gender diversity, we are very good," he said, pointing to his own studio roster, including "The Beauty and the Beast", "Cocoa" and the upcoming reality show "Mulan". "When it comes to the diversity of colors and races, I would say yes, you will see more."

This has already begun. In 2017, Jordan Pilper's "Going Global" became a box-office hit with $ 254 million in global ticket sales (along with four Oscar nominations). In March of this year, Disney introduced Ava DuVernay's "A Wrinkle in Time," a $ 100 million adaptation of the popular Madeleine L'Engle novel by Oprah Winfrey and state-of-the-art Storm Reid. Despite these high-profile titles, Hollywood's idea of being at a critical juncture can be naive.

"Think this way ignored history," the Oscar-nominated DuVernay said that he and a friend Coogler and before his.